IMG_0334b (Small)

Moose Hill’s Gayle Force Wind

PPR Blue Thunder X

 Moose Hill’s Mariah Wind

ILR # 286497

 DOB 06-10-13

Confetti001b (Small)

AFK Confetti Avalanche

NLL Superstar X

Four Hawk’s Snow White

ILR # 285027

DOB 01-01-13

~ Multiple Show Halter Champion~

IMG_1141 (Small)

AFK Chilean Pandamonium

PVL Chilean Typhoon X

Four Hawks Tiffanys

ILR # 286833

 DOB 04-13-14

~Full Chilean~

~Lots of color in this pedigree~

IMG_8139b (Small)

Show Me The Storm

PVL Chilean Typhoon X

Four Hawk’s Show-N-Tell

ILR # 283200

DOB 09-18-11

~UAP/ILR-SD Halter Champion~

IMG_2336b (Small)

AFK Platinum Ice Princess

PVL Chilean Typhoon X

Four Hawk’s Silver Ice Queen

ILR # 286834

 DOB 03-23-14

IMG_2537 (Small)

AFK Sochi

Overman Last Call X

Chilean Enterprise

ILR # 286540

 DOB 01-09-14


PVL Chilean Serendipity

PVL Chilean Genesis X

 PVL Chilean Lalita

ILR # 284557

 DOB 05-06-12

~Multiple Show Halter Champion~