Males For Sale

AFK Show Me The Blizzard

Wheatfield’s Snowman X Show Me The Storm



       IMG_0685b (Small)

Rock The House

HOLR Apollo X

MBL Rock Starr

DOB 05-30-14


IMG_2676b (Small)

Helix Wind Turbine

Star Excellerator X Moose Hill’s Mariah Wind

DOB 06-21-14



AFK Sweet William

GC’s Master Dots X

Four Hawk’s Show N Tell

ILR # 284756

DOB 09-07-12



Silver Moon Copperwind

Peruvian Alcoa X

Senorita Rojo Caliente of Bolivia

ILR #257935

DOB 06-11-04


IMG_3684b (Small)

The Blacksmith

Elikxir X Overman Miss Kitka

ILR #285945

DOB 06-19-13